Who We Are


Hanbit Youth Group...

We are a small youth group consisting of 2nd and 3rd generation Korean American students from 6th grade to 12th grade. As a youth group we desire to grow in our understanding that we are an everlasting family, and that being a family starts now. 

We are far from perfect, and so we strive to live in a clear understanding of our desperate need of the grace, perfection and righteousness of Jesus Christ.  


Service starts at 10:00 AM Sunday mornings with Living Water Ministry. During this year we as a youth group will be worshipping together with families, parents, young professionals, and college students. Something that Pr. Paul and Pr. Tim are trying to aim for this year is Living Our Faith Together. We believe that for youth, being in the presence of those who are older in the faith is invaluable. This is when discipleship happens and how disciples are made, through watching and learning from those who have been walking in the faith much longer. 

As you walk towards the church from Colgate street, the youth group will be located on the second floor of the gym, follow the signs for Living Water Ministry. 

After service there will lunch followed by Bible study at 12:00 PM. 


For more information, or to receive the youth group newsletter feel free to message the youth pastor through the form below. 

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