Houston Living Water Ministry

Houston Living Water Ministry (HLWM) is the English-speaking ministry of "Houston Hanbit Presbyterian Church"  (hanbithouston.org).  

We are a Gospel-centered ministry.  By this, we mean that we are defined, saved and strive to surrender in all things to Christ as Lord and Savior.  More than just pretty words, we try to embody this in the words, actions and purpose of our lives.  It is our hope that we would be joined together in bringing glory to God in all things and to enjoy Him in all things.  Our pastoral staff preaches the Gospel in all things and strives to teach the body the Word of God in order to teach the mind, convict our hearts and stir our lives in response to God's transformative grace with joy.  This is what drives our common statement of being: 
"Gospel-Centered, Gospel-Driven, Gospel-Multiplying".

We are a Presbyterian (Kosin) church that worships in a contemporary style while still honoring the history of the church.  

We are a multi-ethnic ministry that works hard to engage and welcome all races and groups of people as brothers and sisters in Christ.  Our desire is that as we submit to each other in love and humility, that we would ultimately be submitting and honoring Christ.  

We are a multi-generation church that worships together (middle school through adults) because we believe that the church is a family, the body of Christ, brothers and sisters united in the effort to glorify His Name in the worship of our praise and the content of our lives.  Further, as a multi-generational church, we strive to love each other in a way that "holds onto each other" through the difficult, not only to "love each other" when it's easy or self-serving.  We worship together, sit under the preaching of the Word together and pursue Jesus in obedience to His prayer that we would be "one" (John 17:21).