Living Water Ministry

Living Water Ministry (LWM) is the English-speaking ministry of "Houston Hanbit Presbyterian Church"  (hanbithouston.org).  

We are a Gospel-centered ministry.  By this, we mean that we are defined, saved and strive to surrender in all things to Christ as Lord and Savior.  More than words, we try to embody this through action and lifestyle.  It is our hope that we bring glory to God in all things and to enjoy Him in all things.  Our pastoral staff preaches to faithfully teach the Word of God in building and stirring transformative change as a response to God’s unending love and Jesus’ amazing grace.  This is what drives our common statement of being: 
"Gospel-Centered, Gospel-Driven, Gospel-Multiplying".

We are a Presbyterian (Kosin) church that worships in a contemporary style while still honoring the history of the church.  

We are a multi-ethnic ministry that works hard to engage and welcome all races and groups of people as brothers and sisters in Christ.    

We strive to love each other by supporting one another as one family under God.  We worship together, sit under the preaching of the Word together and pursue Jesus in obedience to His prayer that we would truly be "one" (John 17:21).

We welcome you to join us in our walk of faith as we serve our Lord!