"we are not called to Christ only as individuals, but as a community and body!"

The idea is that the Gospel is given to us both as individuals and as a people.  The redemption of God's creation is not just one or two people, but all generations that would follow from Adam and Eve.  We are created as "communal" beings just as Eve completed Adam and the Godhead is Three in One (Father, Son and Spirit).  Whether we realize it or not, we are not islands unto ourselves, but created in the image of God as many becoming one after the grace of God's redemption in Christ Jesus.  That's why we join "lifegroups".  

The idea of a "lifegroup" is that we form smaller communities that make up the larger community of the church in order to intimately share, encourage, edify, learn, support others with the gifts and abilities that God has blessed us with and we in turn also receive the love that we give to one another after the model of Jesus.  This is the spiritual discipline of not just "loving", but striving to love as Christ loves us first.  True discipleship involves deep relationships.  Jesus didn’t simply lead a weekly bible study.  He lived life with His disciples and He taught through His words, yes, but also His actions.

LifeGroups are meant to be a place of fellowship, encouragement, sharing, Bible study, prayer, sharpening etc.  It is not the coming together to complete "objectives"...forming genuine relationships in the love of Christ is the objective itself!  Therefore, simply being there to entertain and act as a placeholder is not the point of lifegroups, this is a gathering of Christians who commit to engaging and wrestling with one another with grace and the focused intent to grow as brothers and sisters in Christ.  This commitment often lasts for a specific "season" which is generally about 9 months.  

There is a "lifegroup leader" but this person is there more as a guide and facilitator of conversation and learning.  The lifegroup leader is not necessarily there to teach or talk at the group while they passively listen!  This is a group commitment to participate and share in both the benefits and burden of seeking unity as the Father, Son and Spirit intimately engage as "One".  

Finally, lifegroups are meant to "disciple" others in the Gospel.  This is about equipping, building up and encouraging others in order that we would not only grow in stature ourselves, but in order to be more effective in inviting others in the grace of God to find their hope and salvation in the cross of Christ.  Thus, in definition of what a lifegroup is, it is to be "outward focused" in that we edify, encourage and equip in order to ultimately send and bring others to the knowledge of the Gospel.  

We join together in all age groups, ethnicities and definitions of people in our Sunday worship and fellowship, but lifegroups are about a time to engage with those in our more specific places in life.  Therefore, lifegroups are divided up into College, Young Adult, Young Married Couples and Adults (with more lifegroups available to meet various stages in life and experience).

This is a simple and yet depth-filled walk together after Christ, but in order to get after Him, we must get together in submission to what Christ calls us to as a body (Matthew 28).  If you're interested, hit the "Contact Us!" in the upper-right corner of the web-page and send us your info and desire to be plugged into a LifeGroup!  We are excited to join together after Christ in sharing our lives together under the Gospel!

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