Updated on April 20, 2018

  1. LWM CYA is meeting at Elder Oh’s home on April 29 (5 pm) for Bible study, dinner and fellowship.  Plan on being there and invite friends!

  2. LWM CYA is meeting this Friday (4/27) for worship and fellowship at 7 pm.

  3. Please keep Pastor Choo and the Korean CYA in prayer as they prepare to go on a mission outreach in Nevada in May!

  4. Please keep the LWM Leadership in prayer for wisdom and discernment as they continue the search for the next pastor to serve LWM.  A potential candidate will be visiting to interview and preach for LWM on Sunday, April 15.

  5. Please remember to take a look at the back of the bulletin for the schedule of “Congregational Prayer” for the main worship in order to prepare as well as possible to lead the service in intercession.

  6. LWM Sunday Youth and Adult Bible Studies meet at 10 am in their respective classrooms and meeting areas.

  7. The "Children's Ministry" and Youth Group is looking for one or two more volunteers.  If interested, talk with Pastor Charlene ASAP.

  8. Congregational Prayer: 4/22 Shawn Lee, 4/29 Daniel Oh, 5/6 Andrew Yim

  • April 6-8: Mission Fundraiser (Korean Side Dishes and other food)
  • April 15: Potential LWM Candidate Visit and Interview
  • April 29: Hanbit Korean CYA Mission Fundraiser (Car wash, Bake sale, Nail salon) 
  • April 29: CYA Fellowship Dinner at Elder Oh's (5 pm)
  • For the pastors, elders, deacons and servants of the church that they would serve with humility, faithful excellence and desire to see Christ magnified in all that they do.
  • The new LWM Pastor Search Committee and for God to bring a good candidate to serve the church.
  • For God's joy and glory to be the greatest desire of His church and the servants, especially in the season as we determine the upcoming year's budget and calendar.
  • For the "Los Arcos Refugee Community" as they live in a new country and that they would feel and experience the love of God in the Gospel that we share as we serve them.
  • For humility as we continue to strive after Christ together.
  • For the pastors to serve with joy and passion to make Christ known in all that they do.
  • Wisdom and joy for the church leaders as they lead and guide the church in growing obedience in the future.
  • The cities, states, nations and all world leaders to serve with justice and compassion after God's wisdom and glory.
  • For the upcoming activities to be a source of encouragement and discipleship for the youth, the parents and staff as we recommit to pouring ourselves out for Christ to rule and reign in our lives