2017 Living Water Ministry College/Young Adult Discipleship Trip


General "DT" Information

This is a new program that the LWM CYA ministry will be kicking off this coming fall.  The idea of a "discipleship trip" is to go and share life together in an extended period of time that requires study, application, reflection and growing in our love and knowledge of Christ, together.  In other words, "discipleship".  There will be a "curriculum" (and things that you will need to prepare beforehand!) that you will be required to read through, reflect on and share in daily studies and reflections.  
This is about learning both individually and together (more on this later).

Let me share with you what this is NOT.  The "DT" is not a vacation or a "fun trip".  There may be elements of "fun", but this is not about getting away together to relax and just "see the sights".  This will be physically, mentally and emotionally challenging in the pursuit of spiritual maturation in a manner that challenges who you are.  This is not about "I need space" or going on a trip and putting on headphones to simply see the miles passively pass by.  This is a time of engagement in order that you would grow and that others would be served and encouraged by your emptying of yourself for them.  If you want to go just to get a break from Houston, this is not the trip for you.  If you're not willing to submit and participate in the edification of yourself and others, this is not the trip for you.  I understand that this whole description sounds very wooden and detached, but I find that in committing a whole week of our lives together after Christ, it's better to be clear on what this is, what we expect of you and what will and will not be tolerated.  If there are any issues on the trip and you do not strive to live up to what we expect of you, you will be dropped off at an Amtrak station with a one way ticket home.  So far, this has yet to happen, but a plan is in place.

Here are some pertinent details (you are not being told a detailed itinerary on purpose because we want you to focus on the "why" of the DT rather than the "what" of DT itinerary): 

Cost per person: $200.  Everything is pretty much covered.  But if you want to buy snacks, souvenirs, ice cream and any other "extra" things, you need to bring your own money.  Technically, you should be able to survive without any extra money, use your judgment.  The money for the DT per accepted applicant is due on Sunday, July 2.


Monday 8/14 - Leave from Hanbit/LWM at 7 am (Meet at 6 am)
Tuesday 8/15 to Friday 8/18 - Discipleship Training and Travel
Saturday 8/19 - Arrive home to Hanbit/LWM at 9(ish) pm

Potential Things to Prepare For and Be Aware of:

Camping, hiking, not showering daily, being hot and tired,
being in close quarters with others for longer periods of time, being asked to sacrifice, moving, communicating, cooking, cleaning, trying new things, learning, participating, listening, shutting up, growing up etc.  A packing list for what to bring and what not to bring will be provided to you before the DT.  

Healthcare and Insurance:

You will need to provide proof of active  health care coverage and to bring any required medications (Pastor Paul must know of any meds you are bringing!).  You will also be required to sign a release form before the DT which will be provided to you.


Because there is very limited space (we will be taking the church van), there are some policies that we have decided to adopt:

  • Apply ASAP.  Obviously, the earlier you apply the better chance you have of going. 
  • We will be taking people who have shown potential, interest and a commitment to the ministry and others in the CYA over those who are perhaps newer or are not as committed.  Because we have limited space/resources and this is the first time that we have done something like this, we want to be very clear and upfront of what it is and what we expect.  Further, in order to make this trip as effective and edifying as possible,  we will be pretty selective in the process.