When we think about the idea of "Building Blocks", we picture beginnings, reminders of the start, foundational truths and things that we may have long viewed as "basics" that we have forgotten in both concept and practice.  But going back to Christ's first command to the disciples, "Come, follow Me", everything that follows is not forgetful of that primary call, but builds upon a heart of faithful obedience to where Christ goes rather than what they themselves can do.  

This will be our focus at the retreat: the building blocks of who we are and what we are called to do as the church entire, but also individuals that make up the church.  So, no matter the state of your hearts and lives, no matter what you expect or don't expect from this time, no matter where you are in your life and walk after Christ, let us trust and submit to God's providence and anointing giving us this time together and fix our eyes, focus and hearts upon the sweet grace of Christ in our lives for His glory.

We look forward to stepping away from the "day to day" in worship and reflection to recharge our hearts and minds upon Christ in this new season and year!  Be in prayer for Christ to be made more clear and radiant during this time of retreat!



Be at church on Thursday (1/5) at 1 pm. 

Eat lunch before coming to church at 1 pm!

Try and pack light and efficiently.  It's only 3 days, 2 nights.

We will return to church on Saturday (1/7) around 230 pm.

We will be taking church vans.  No personal cars.

Bring the $65 registration fee with you on Thursday in
cash or check.  If it's a check, make it to "Hanbit Church"!


  • Sleeping bag, pillow.
  • Athletic, warm and comfortable clothes.  Think layers.
  • Basic Toiletries, towel and other bathroom essentials.  
  • Bible, pen.  
  • An attitude that's eager and ready to engage!



  • Any type of work, school or otherwise.
  • Tobacco, alcohol, illegal substances etc (You get it).
  • A negative or apathetic attitude.